Challenge #22 Gallery is now Online!

View the gallery here: Challenge #22: The CarnivalView the final images submitted here: Lighting Challenge #22: The Carnival (Final Images)Visit the progress thread here: Lighting Challenge #22: The Carnival (WIP) Although my rendering didn’t make cut, I had fun doing the challenge. I learned a couple of techniques and workflows. Thanks to everyone who joined! […]

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Lighting Challenge #22: The Carnival

his challenge features a carnival scene. The deadline for this challenge is April 30th, 2010. Your objective is to create one or more images from these themes: • Bright Night• Child’s Fantasy • Abandoned• Tale of Horror The scene was modeled by Dan Konieczka The scene is available here: Visit CGS Lighting Challenge Thread […]

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LC21: The Bedroom (Teenage Angst) Light & Comp Setup

Lighting Challenge # 21: The BedroomModeling: David VacekEverything Else: Herbert Agudera Teenage Angst Theme: i wanted to do this theme first, but at the time when i started working on the texture i still don’t know how i wanted it to look and feel angry. after working on the Winter Sunset Theme that’s when i […]

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LC21: The Bedroom (Winter Sunset) Light & Comp Setup

Lighting Challenge # 21: The BedroomModeling: David VacekEverything Else: Herbert Agudera Winter Sunset Theme: I pretty much like the camera angle when i opened the file so i decided to keep it. you can also see how i positioned some of the lights in the scene. Lights: i wanted to light the scene in a […]

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Lighting Challenge #21: The Bedroom

Challenge #21 features a set used in a short film by David Tousek. The challenge is to light and render the scene to express AT LEAST ONE of the following feelings with the scene:glorious morningteenage angstafraid of the darkwinter moodromantic sunset The deadline is December 31, 2009, although if you post your work earlier, other […]

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Image converted using ifftoany

Lighting Challenge #18: Science Fiction

The challenge #18 Deadline will be Monday, March 2, 2009. The challenge here is to create a “science fiction” style scene, using the models of a robot in a spaceship hallway that you can download here: This scene was modeled by Juan Carlos Silva. Juan previously modeled the Lighthouse challenge, which produced terrific results. […]

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Lighting Challenge #17: Natural History

the scene The goal here is to bring this scene to life, adding convincing lighting and depth to the space. You can use whatever software or techniques you want to create an original, well-lit 3D rendering of this scene. You may add or subtract or change the models, create textures, arrange the shot as you […]

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CGTalk Lighting Challenge #16: The Lighthouse

“The challenge here is to light this lighthouse, including the light from the lighthouse’s own beam, and whatever surroundings nature might be throwing at it.”Lighting Challenge 16 : Lighthouse so this what i did. not yet finished so, i’ll be posting some updates here every now and then.. hehehe. Final Render just an update added […]

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